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I need to have a few words with you. This post highlights:

Events that went unnoticed Some Emotions…
Upcoming ContentUpcoming Projects

1. Exams

My exams just ended today and I am very happy. Now I can dedicate time to blogging (though my winter break is ending on 2 January!)

Also note that I will be starting some big projects which require quite some attention

A Bit Emotions…

Yesterday, I was hit by a huge grief. Mother of someone very close to me died. And please move your Ganday thoughts aside, it’s nothing like that.

Upcoming Content

Since my vacations have started, and I wanted to do something special for New Year, I will be posting a blog post every day till 1st January 2019


I have started working on a new website code named HDMU which stands for High Definition Movies Unlimited

This is the biggest project I have ever done because maintaining a movie website is a lot of hard work.

You have to get the latest movies ASAP on your website, when good print is available you have to update it and what not.

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