Acheivements & Failures Of PTCL

You might be wondering what the secret details am I going to release about PTCL, but the thing is… I couldn’t find a better title for my post.

Now you’ve read a lot of times (if you’re Pakistani, you’ve experienced it) that PTCL provides the worst internet service. But I have mixed thoughts about it.

Sometimes, I get angry enough to bite the telephone line and sometimes I get very cool and shokha that I have a fast internet connection. So I ran some tests to determine that whenever the internet is working, how much speed do I get?

I have 20 Mb package.

These are images when no one else is connected to the internet:

Router Panel

SpeedTest by Ookla

And these are when only Smart Tv is being played (except for my laptop)

Router Panel

SpeedTest By Ookla

The speed from back end does not get high or low at different times, but the modem has some faults I guess because it is not giving full speed. Smart Tv only takes up about 2 Mb speed and still it is not smooth on 20 Mb package.

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