Animal Parts We Eat On Bakra Eid

The streets of every neighborhood have already become a maweshi mandi as we have Bakra Eid tomorrow. While for some the Bari Eid is all about the bigger good (qurbaani and the sawaab) that comes with it, for others it is all about the food.

Here is a list of animal parts and organs you might not have heard about but people eat and enjoy them anyway:

1. Bheja

“Bheja na khao, yaar” is something people say when they get irritated. But Eid-ul-Adha is one occasion on which you can eat all the bheja you want. But only bakray ka ya gaye ka.

2. Paye

Paye is a staple mostly cooked and enjoyed in winters but Bari Eid is also incomplete without the sticky curry that is made from the fluid present in the animal’s legs.

3. Siri

Siri is the head of the animal. The bheja or the brain is found inside the siri. Eating the animal from head to toe, LITERALLY.

4. Gurda

Gurda is kidney and we kid you not, it is scrumptious when cooked using desi masalay.

5. Tilli

It is high in cholesterol because it is the abdominal organ. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

6. Kaleji

The bari Eid is incomplete without having kaleji, the liver of the animal.

7. Zaban

The tongue makes for a yummy curry in most households. Zaban sambhaal k. Kyun k salan mein istemaal karni hai..

8. Kapooray

They are the testicles. Yeahhh. But people eat them so, yeah.

9. Phepray

Aye! The lungs, man.

10. Oujri / Battein

They are the huge stomachs thrown away on the roads after qurbaani. But did you know they are sold and people eat them? Yes, they do.

Oujri is the stomach and battein are the outer linings of the stomach. Kuch tou chordoyaar.

11. Dil

12. Dum

13. Narkhara

Bakray ka narkhara, the epiglottis is enjoyed in the Katakat and solo. Bhaye, wah! Khana from the ‘epiglottis’ ho tou aisa.

So, what is your favorite animal part/organ as a meal? Have you tried any others? Let us know in the comments below. Also, meaty Eid Mubarak, guys!

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