How My Eid Went…

I have already written a post which is similar to it, (check it here!) but wanted to detail the topic. So here is what pushed me to write this post:

PTCL dropped my connection just before Eid (Saturday evening) and it has been fixed only a few hours ago.. So…YES, I was spending Eid w/o internet, and life was supported by Hotspots.

For Those Who Don’t Know:

Pakistani ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are…kind of…the worse in the world. PTCL is the largest ISP of Pakistan, and it has most problems as well.

PTCL – Hello To The Worse Internet

PTCL has record of excellency, providing me with 16 Mb/s of download speed and 0.94 Mb/s of upload speed on 20 Mb/s package. The connection never drops at all, and don’t ask me why, but my Smart TV also runs smoothly, without any interruptions.

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