My Way To An Awesome Website

It has been over 2 years since I started as a website builder and since have had many difficulties in making a good website. Here is my experience!

1. No Understanding

I started out with everything possible. Tried everything in reach but, in vain.
And thus, tried many things such as:

  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Joomla!
  • Jimdo

And after a looooong time, I got to know, WordPress was the right choice. .ORG was better than .COM!

Learning WordPress

My first live website ran the same WordPress theme for over one year till I switched to and still, it ran on another theme till it’s end, six months later.

Finding Hosting For Free!

I had only hosted sites on facilities such as Wix, and Weebly etc. And it was my first time that I was going to host my website out of these facilities.
I looked for over 2 months and thus finally found free hostings.

Security And Speed

I had developed considerable amount of followers and my website design wasn’t too bad either. The only thing I worried about was the SSL and thus, on zero budget it was hard to get it as well.

Cloudflare: The Secret Behind My Encrypted Websites!

And THANK GOD, I found CloudFlare. This was the all in one solution for me.
They provided these services for free: CDN, SSL, and other security related things. Even this website has CloudFlare enabled!

Speed: CDN And Hosting Go Hand-in-Hand

Speed was my first concern after getting ssl. Thankfully, for me, the owner of FCS Hosting Solutions (the hosting I use for websites) turned out to be my friend. And my friendship got me faster hosting for free
Of course CloudFlare CDN is not bad.


Tabish Hyyat

I am a blogger, writer, content creator and much more! With over 3 years of experience in blogging and web development, I have helped many blogs grow to their full potential!

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