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Having broadband at home is an absolute must these days. This is because we rely on it for so many different things that we almost cannot live without it. Having the right broadband puts us in touch with the world and the people we love in a way that has never been experienced before and this makes it crucial to find the right package that meets your needs.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to broadband and that makes even more important to compare deals and find the best internet packages that are currently available. You might be someone who streams a lot of content and watches a lot of movies online while online gaming is a huge priority for others. Many like to be able to communicate and keep in touch with friends and family, which means that they may not need the faster speeds. It is all about personal preference and finding something that is right for you and that is why PTCL internet packages cover all needs.

PTCL is the largest internet service provider in Pakistan and offers wireless and wired (ADCL and Fiber optic) and mobile internet packages. PTCL offers broadband to the whole of Pakistan making it accessible to all. But finding the right package is simple, thanks to the PTCL who provides a wide range of products ranging from high-speed broadband to mobile broadband and everything else in between. PTCL Broadband packages are made up of six different options to address the basic day to day browsing needs and these are explained below:

Basic Packages
1 Mbps Starter

This is the ideal package for those who want a basic speed that comes with reliability and the ability to carry out the basic tasks. This comes with a volume of 10GB which is plenty for those who like to download a small amount of data or stream the odd programme or sending emails and internet shopping etc. For general browsing, it is perfect. The internet charges are PKR625 while going over the download limit of 10GB will cost PKR100 per extra GB. You can add other optional services to this package as well such as voice and other TV related add-ons.

2 Mbps Starter

This is the next package up and it comes with a faster speed which is ideal for those who like to stream more and download images or videos. The speed will ensure that browsing the web is smooth while the 20GB download is enough for even heavy users. The costs are obviously higher at PKR 775 for internet charges while exceeding the download limit will mean a charge of PKR 100 for each additional GB of data.

4 Mbps Starter

This package offers a speed that is a lot faster which means watching HD content and playing games online will be simple. Downloading large files can be done quickly while sending files will also be a simple and efficient process. With a speed such as this, you need a large data allowance which is why it comes with 40GB of data. There are internet charges of PKR 999 and a PKR 100 charge for each GB that you are over the download limit.

1 Mbps – Unlimited

In the same way as the starter package, this offers a fairly basic speed but it is a speed that is still fast enough to download large file and even make voice calls. This package comes with unlimited downloads which is great for heavy users. The internet charges are higher than the other packages at PKR 1,325 but there is no charge for exceeding the download limit.

2 Mbps – Unlimited

Again, this speed is more than capable of supporting those who like to use their broadband for other things.  This could include watching videos, sending large files or even online gaming. This package also comes with unlimited downloads which provides peace of mind while the internet charges are PKR 1,575.

4 Mbps – Unlimited

Finally, this package delivers fast speeds and unlimited downloads. This makes it possible to really get the most from your online experience as streaming videos and downloading large files will be simple and quick. The internet charges for this package is PKR 1,775.

PTCL High-Speed Broadband Packages

PTCL also offers other its high speed broadband packages. You are given a large range of internet download speeds to choose from. Such as you can get 8 Mbps, 12 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and even 100 Mbps. These packages are usually good for high end users who use video downloading and use internet to conduct their small businesses. Businesses can also benefit from these packages as you can get bundles of voice, TV channels and broadband internet plans. The cost of all these plans vary since the more download speed you will aim, the more you will have to pay for that.

What Else Do You Get?

All of the packages are cost effective and provide a reliable online experience. A free modem is offered with all packages and ordering is made easy online or over the phone. Their customer service is always on hand to deal with problems as there is a 24-hour complaints system while HD web resources are readily accessible. It is also possible to add on a call package from Freedom Unlimited, U Freedom and Freedom Plus all of which cost PKR 250, PKR 400 and PKR 649 respectively. PTCL also offering power pack packages that are comprised of ultra-high speed internet through dsl, free calls, iptv, and smart tv being delivered through EVO devices.

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