Security Updates

Recently I have been doing some work on the website to make it safer, checking out each and every link and ensuring it is safe.

Because I use caching to speed up my website, I have noticed that my website has got slow because I have to remove cache every now and then whenever I make some changes.

Also I have been noticing there have been a lot of login attempts, so I need to fix that as well.

I will also be fixing the slow loading time issue

Maintenance Soon!

Maintenance Break Ahead!

The site will be going down on Friday (28 September) around 2 PM and it should be back by 7 PM with all the maintenance work done.

Maintenance Is Over!

I thank every one of you who e-mailed me regarding the slow loading website. I have managed to make the website load a lot faster than before, changed to a more optimized look and have set a security system which automatically disables spamming and logging in from fake IP addresses.

Tabish Hyyat

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