Websites I Follow & Visit Regularly

I have compiled a list of websites I visit regularly and some of these websites are very useful if you’re like me.

There are some common websites which a lot of people visit every day, and some that very few know about.

1. YouTube

I mean YouTube got around 24.2 billion visits last month, and you can try to guess its popularity over the world.

I watch songs, vlogs, educational videos and rarely upload some videos as well.

2. WPBeginner

I am a WordPress Geek, and everyone who has used WordPress has, for once at least, read an article on WPBeginner. The site got around 6.5 million views last month!

The name says it all, but is is not for just beginners. I have 3 years of experience with WordPress and I get to know a lot of things from the website.

Some other senior people who have over 8 years of experience are found questioning on the site.


MangoBaaz, I don’t know how to explain. It publishes content about what is happening in the world etc.

Sometimes there posts are interesting and informative, but sometimes so stupid and senseless that I blame my self for opening their website.

Tabish Hyyat

I am a blogger, writer, content creator and much more! With over 3 years of experience in blogging and web development, I have helped many blogs grow to their full potential!

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