What Happened…

Hi! I want to brief you on what happened and where are all the images, why my website was unavailable and why was is insecure.

Let’s Dive In

I wanted to update to WordPress 5.0 as soon as possible.

As it was released and I tried to update, I couldn’t update WordPress. When I tried to update WordPress, server crashed.

When I tried to update plugins, it would not complete and my website would hang in maintenance mode. 

When I asked for support, (my own people I had hired, but they didn’t know it was me) the support was too much confusing and couldn’t find a way to resolve my issue.

So I created a backup of my posts and pages (By WordPress exporter) and moved my website.

Now when I imported it, it didn’t get images, I don’t know why.

So know I will try to get back all the images (I don’t have a backup).

Small Update: My domain directory was not deleted due to a fault. I have downloaded all the images and uploaded on the website.

Now I will place images as soon as possible.

Tabish Hyyat

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